Airdrop to veCRV Holders
FROYO Tokens will be airdropped to Curve DAO's veCRV holders
To allow Curve DAO members to receive a portion of trade fees generated by Frozen Yogurt, FROYO is distributed to veCRV holders through a series of airdrops.
25% of the FROYO total supply has been allocated for airdrop. Each week a snapshot of current veCRV balances is taken and used to generate a merkle root for distribution. There are to be 52 airdrops in total.
When does the snapshot for veCRV airdrop happen?
Every Thursday 00:00 UTC a snapshot of the veCRV holders will be taken. After verification by the Frozen Yogurt the airdrop will occur, roughly 8-24 hours after the snapshot.
Future distributions will be calculated based on veCRV balances on the first block mined at the start of the new epoch week (Thursday 00:00 UTC).
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